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Make creating your courier labels more efficient by setting aliases and default shipping services

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1. Navigate to Settings > Shipping Management > Shipping Aliases:

2. Click the Add button to view the shipping methods that are available to choose from and to add your first Shipping Alias:

3. Type in the alias or name that you want to use for the first shipping method, then select that shipping method from the list (the available shipping methods are imported from your Orders, so only shipping methods on orders that have been received will be available to choose from):

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of your different shipping methods until they all have an alias. You can select more than one shipping method per alias if that suits your business (for example if you have multiple international options but want them all to be called “International Shipping”) but you cannot map a shipping method to more than one alias:

5.  If you have a courier connected to ChannelGrabber, you will then be presented with further options to map each alias to a specific courier and service, to create a Default Shipping Service for each alias.  The purpose of this is to make processing your courier shipping labels more efficient, by auto-populating the courier and service in the "Ship" pages for all the aliases you have set up.

For example, the shipping method "Royal Mail Signed For" equates to my alias "Royal Mail Special Delivery", which will then be preset as having "Royal Mail OBA" as the courier and "Special Delivery 1pm" with "£500 Insurance" as the default shipping service when I come to ship orders with this shipping method in future:

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