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To prevent ChannelGrabber loading all your historical orders, potentially slowing down the loading of the Orders page. It is advisable that orders are archived so that they are not loaded, but can still be viewed if required.

Changing the setting for Auto Archiving Orders

The age of orders to archive can be customised or it can be turned off completely. You can access these settings by clicking on Settings>Order Management - Orders

On this page you will be presented with a drop down box, which as a default will be set to 3 months. This means any orders over 3 months old will be archived.

If changes are made to this setting, ie you select to Archive orders after 1 month. ChannelGrabber will process this request later on that day.

You can also disable the automatic archiving of orders, however this will impact performance over time as your number of orders increase so we wouldn't recommend it.

Viewing your Archived Orders

On the orders page click on "More" on the filters bar at the top of the page.

In the drop down, scroll down until you see "Is Archived" and select that.

You'll then see a new filter added to the filters bar.

To view archived orders when searching, click on Yes in the Is Archived filter. Then click on "Apply Filter" to include archive orders in your search results.

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