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CG - ChannelGrabber and VAT Explained
CG - ChannelGrabber and VAT Explained
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ChannelGrabber is able to show a VAT breakdown of your orders if you are VAT registered.

In order to access/enable VAT related features in ChannelGrabber , you will need to Turn ON VAT via the settings.

To turn on VAT, go to "My Account" by hovering over your username in the top right hand corner when logged into ChannelGrabber and clicking on My Account

You will then see a screen on which you can see your Company Details.

At the bottom of the page, you are able to Turn ON/OFF VAT and also enter your VAT registration number which can be shown on your invoices with the use of the relevant invoice tag.

Once you have turned the setting ON/OFF or entered your VAT number, please click on Save to confirm this change.

How VAT works on Orders

If the VAT element of a product is set on the Channel, then when we import the product into ChannelGrabber - we will set the VAT to that rate. If none is set then we will use the default 20%.

You can change the VAT rate of a product (and associated orders) by changing the VAT rate of the product.

The Product must be present in the products page in order to do this.

Please note, that changing the VAT rate of a product will trigger an update of all orders for that product - this may take a few minutes to show on all of the orders.

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