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CG - How to add payment details & choose subscription level
CG - How to add payment details & choose subscription level
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  • Once you’ve decided to continue with ChannelGrabber you can choose your subscription level and enter your payment details to avoid interruption of service.

  • Your trial will still run it’s full 14 day course before your first paying month begins.

  • When choosing a subscription, estimate the number of orders you expect to receive within a month. Should you exceed this level, you'll be notified at the time and be given the option to upgrade

  • You can downgrade your package at any time by going to Manage Package and choosing another subscription.

1) Navigate to My Account by click the drop down next to your business name in the top right hand corner of the page

2) Ensure your company's address details have been entered. You can search for your company by entering the name or address details. Alternatively you can click “Enter Manually” if you cannot find it this way.

3) Under billing management select Billing Details and select Add Payment Method

4) Select your payment method and follow the steps

5) Once you’ve finished entering your payment details you now need to select your subscription level by clicking Manage Package

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