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CG - Changing Product Names in ChannelGrabber
CG - Changing Product Names in ChannelGrabber

Learn how to change the internal products names in ChannelGrabber, without affecting your titles on the channels

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ChannelGrabber offers the option to amend your product titles within the main Products page. This is to enable you to make your titles more useful to you, without affecting the titles on the listings/channels themselves. For example, if you have a lot of keywords in a title for eBay, you could remove these in ChannelGrabber to make the title more concise, or if an item has been imported from Amazon where it uses another seller’s title, you can re-name the product with your own title in ChannelGrabber.  You may even want to add a part number or other reference code to the title to make it easier to search for.

To amend your product titles:

1. Navigate to the main Products page in ChannelGrabber:

2. Click onto the product title and it will immediately become editable:

3. Once you have amended your product title, click anywhere outside of the blue border around the title to save your changes (the system will display an amber banner while saving then a green one to confirm the changes have been saved):

Once saved, your new product name will now be utilised in ChannelGrabber from this point forward.

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