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Setup and customise your invoice in OrderHub ready for printing or to send to customers

Why would you want to do this?

  • Use the same invoice design across all sales channels to build brand awareness

  • Include all the information relevant to your business

  • Position shipping labels if you use integrated label paper

How to create a basic invoice

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Invoice Designer

  3. Select the template which matches the integrated label paper you use. If you don’t use integrated label paper, we recommend the template “Default Forms Plus FPS-3”, or you can create a blank one from scratch.

How to use Data Fields

Each template will come setup to provide all basic information you would expect from an invoice. You can choose to add or remove any bits to suit your purposes.

  1. Click an existing box, or add a new box by clicking “Text”

  2. Move and resize the box till you’re happy with it

  3. Add text or a dynamic data tag to display the information you want (see A Guide to Dynamic Tags for more detail on these tags)

  4. Click Save

Things to Remember:

  • Anything you type out yourself will appear on every invoice, but a dynamic data tag will map specific data for the order.

  • Your company details are mapped using dynamic data tags in our templates. This information is taken from “My Account” and can be changed there, or overwritten manually

Example: If you type “12-08-2016” every invoice you produce will say “12-08-2016”. However if you use the data tag “%%order.purchaseDate%%” then each invoice will display the date the order was purchased

How to add and move images

Images can be added in an almost identical way to text

  1. Click the Image button on the left hand side

  2. Click Upload

  3. Select the image you want to upload

  4. Move and resize the image

  5. Click Save

How to add product images to the invoice

You may want to see an image of the product on the invoice, to help ensure the right item is picked

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click Invoice Mapping

  3. Tick the box to Include Product Images

Things to remember

We can only display the image on an invoice if the product has been imported into the system. When a product is imported we store the listing image in OrderHub for use in our system.

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