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Learn how to add barcodes to your invoice for product SKUs and to perform different actions within ChannelGrabber

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If you have not used the ChannelGrabber Invoice Designer before, you may want to read through the Personalising Your Invoice Design and the Invoice & Email Settings guides before following this guide.

There are two types of barcode options in ChannelGrabber:

Product Barcodes:  where the barcode image is created based on the item SKU
Action Barcodes:  where the barcode, when scanned, prompts an action within ChannelGrabber

Product Barcodes

If you use a product EAN/UPC/barcode or simply a numerical code as your SKU, then you may want to include the product barcode based on the SKU as part of your invoice table (for example if you scan the product barcode to find the item in your warehouse etc).  

To do this, navigate to Settings > Template Management > Template Settings, and tick the option for Show Item Barcodes:

This setting will auto-save once applied.

That's it!  Next time you print an invoice, ChannelGrabber will automatically convert your product SKU to a barcode image and include it on your invoice table like so:

Action Barcodes

Three new barcodes have been added to the ChannelGrabber Invoice Designer, to allow you to use a barcode scanner to perform different actions within ChannelGrabber :

1. Create a barcode for the OrderID

When scanned, this will enter the OrderID into whatever field you have clicked into prior to scanning eg. if you click into a search bar, then scan the barcode, it will enter the Order ID into the search bar

2. Create a barcode that will open the order details page for the order

When scanned, regardless of where you are in ChannelGrabber , it will open the details page for the specific order you have scanned

3. Create a barcode that will mark an order as Dispatched

When scanned, regardless of where you are in ChannelGrabber , the order you have scanned will be marked as Dispatched

Adding Barcodes to your ChannelGrabber Invoice Design

1.  Navigate to Settings > Template Management > Template Designer:

2. Create a new invoice template or open one of your existing templates to edit it

3. From the “Add Element” section in the left-hand pane, click the Barcode button to add a barcode placeholder to your invoice (the new element will automatically be positioned at the top left of the invoice; simply click and drag it to re-position it to where you need it to be placed on the page):

4. In the right-hand pane under the Barcode Action drop-down menu, select the type of barcode you want to use. The options are: Order ID / Open order details page / Dispatch the order (as explained at the beginning of this guide):

You can repeat this process if you wish to add more barcodes for other actions to your invoice, then position these on the page so they are not overlapping each other. You may also wish to add a text label next to/under the barcodes to identify which one is which, to avoid any confusion or mistakes later:

5. Give the template a name and save it, or if you are amending an existing invoice then simply save your changes by clicking the Save button at the top of the page:

6. If you have simply amended an existing template that you were already using, then continue to step 7 below, but if you have created a new invoice, go to Settings > Template Management > Template Settings and choose your new invoice as the Default Invoice or assign it to a specific trading company as required (see Invoice & Email Settings for more detail).

7. Navigate to the Orders page, select an order and generate/print an invoice for it (if you are new to ChannelGrabber, you may find the guides in the Order Management section helpful at this stage).

8. While logged into ChannelGrabber, scan each barcode with a barcode scanner to trigger the required action:

  • The Order ID barcode will simply enter the external ID (the channel's order ID) of the order in whatever field is currently highlighted eg. the search bar

  • The Open order details page barcode will load the order details page for that order from wherever you are in the system

  • The Dispatch the order barcode will start the process of dispatching the order (if it is in a dispatch-able state) from wherever you are in the system

We hope this guide in useful, but if you require any further assistance, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team.

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