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CG - How to Customise the Order Page
CG - How to Customise the Order Page
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Customise your order page in ChannelGrabber to suit your individual needs

Why would you want to do this?

  • Add and remove columns to only display relevant information

  • Reposition columns to better suit your workflow

  • Create and save filters you use frequently

  • Hide navigation bars to increase viewing field

How to Add and Remove Columns

  1. Go to the Orders section of ChannelGrabber 

  2. Click the cog wheel in the top right hand corner of the table

  3. Find the column you want to add/remove and select/deselect the box

  4. Feel free to experiment with the columns here. There is lots of extra information available, such as Tracking number or Payment Method. It really depends on what you find useful!


How to Reposition Columns

  1. Go to the Orders section of ChannelGrabber 

  2. Find the column you want to move

  3. Click on the top of the column, and hold down the mouse to drag the column

  4. Move your mouse to where you want the column located


How to Create and Save Filters

  1. Go to the Orders section of ChannelGrabber 

  2. Use the More: drop down menu to select the filter you wish to use

  3. The filter will appear for you to use. Click it and decide which data you want to see

  4. Click Apply Filters to see the data immediately. If this is a filter you will use frequently you can also click Save to save the filter for future use, and prevent having to repeat steps 1-4 again

  5. Once you click Save, give the filter a name you will recognise

  6. Your Saved Filter will now appear on the left hand side

Things to Remember

  • You can apply as many filters as you want

  • Save the filter if you find yourself applying the same filters over and over

  • You can use filters to generate reports about your sales. Try it now by setting a Time and Country to see how much you sell to a certain region in a given month!

  • When you have a filter applied, you can click To CSV to download all currently visible data into a spreadsheeT

How to Hide Navigation Bars

  • Go to the Orders section of ChannelGrabber 

  • Click Hide Filters to hide the filter options at the top of the screen

  • Click the double arrow icon to hide the side panel. You can still use the default status filters from this view

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