CG - Connecting to eBay

Learn how to connect ChannelGrabber with your eBay account for listings, stock, order and message management.

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  1.  Click on the Settings button to access your ChannelGrabber settings:

2. Under Channel Management, click on Sales Channels, which will show you an overview of any accounts you already have connected:

3. On the right hand side you will see a drop-down box where you can select which marketplace you would like to connect with. Select your desired marketplace then click the Add button:

4. You will be sent to the login page for eBay. Please sign in with your eBay account details:

5. You will now be given an eBay agreement to read. Once you have read and accept these terms, please click the I Agree button:

6. You will now be forwarded back to ChannelGrabber to complete the connection by adding a Display Name (to help you identify different accounts within the same channel) and allocating a Trading Company to your eBay account. When you have done this, click the Submit button.

7. This will add your eBay account into ChannelGrabber and it will now be ready to use. You can return to your Sales Channels settings to view the account you have just added, and if you need to amend any of these settings in future, you can click Manage.

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