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CG - Managing VAT in ChannelGrabber
CG - Managing VAT in ChannelGrabber
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Set up VAT rules to start producing VAT-compliant receipts

Why would you want to do this?

  • Display VAT on invoices

  • Automatically email customers with a VAT compliant invoice

  • Add VAT numbers for every country you are VAT registered in

  • ChannelGrabber automatically selects VAT rate appropriate for shipping destination

How to Add VAT Numbers

  1. Go to My Account in the top right hand corner

  2. Turn VAT Registered on

  3. Select your Country Code, fill in your VAT number and click Save

  4. Add additional VAT numbers for every country you are VAT registered in

Enter Different VAT Numbers per Trading Company

You can enter a different VAT number for each of your trading companies, if you're registered for them all in the same country.

  1. Go to My Account in the top right hand corner

  2. Click Manage on one of your existing trading companies (or create a trading company if you haven't already)

  3. Toggle "Use Legal VAT" to OFF then toggle "VAT Registered" to ON and a new VAT Number line will appear underneath

  4. Enter your VAT Number for that specific trading company

  5. Click the Save button

Change VAT Rates for Individual Items

Some items you sell may qualify for reduced or zero rate VAT. These rules can be set up on individual products.

  1. Go to products page

  2. Search for the product you want to edit VAT rates for

  3. You will see a VAT box for each country you are VAT registered in

  4. Select the appropriate VAT rate from each box

Automatically Email a VAT Receipt to a Buyer

You may want to send a PDF copy of the invoice to your customer. When the below setting is enabled, we will send the invoice to the customer the moment you mark an order as dispatched. If you dispatch through FBA, we will send the invoice when Amazon marks the order as dispatched also.

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click Invoice Mapping

  3. Tick the box to Email Invoice on Dispatch

  4. Click to confirm you have setup Amazon emailing (follow this guide if not). This is required for us to send invoices to your Amazon customers.

Zero-Rate a VAT Invoice

If you are VAT registered in the UK, you may find that your EU customers request a zero-rated VAT invoice from time to time. This can be achieved in ChannelGrabber.

  1. Click into the relevant order and scroll down to the Product & Payment Information section

  2. Tick the "EU Zero-Rate VAT" option

  3. Enter the customer’s VAT number and click Apply

Things to Remember

  • ChannelGrabber will use the shipping address to work out which VAT rate to use

  • ChannelGrabber will not add VAT for orders going to countries outside the EU-fiscal area

  • If you are selling to an EU country that you are not VAT registered in, ChannelGrabber will use your default VAT rate. If you are VAT registered in GB and IE, and your company is located in Ireland, the Irish rates of VAT will be the default

  • Turning off VAT will remove VAT from your invoices

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