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Clicking on an Order presents you with further details relating to that order. Within the Order Page, you can perform a number of steps relating to the management of that order.

The right hand side of the orders page provides quick links the the specific areas (as explained below). Clicking on the relevant section will "jump to" the area.

1. Order Details

The Order Details section shows the Channel that the order originated from, the Trading Company that it is associated with, the Order ID, the Buyer/Username and the current Status of the order in ChannelGrabber:

2. Bulk/Order Actions

The Bulk/Order Actions section allows you to easily Invoice, Dispatch, Ship, Tag, Cancel, Mark as Paid (manual orders only) or Refund an order.

  • Clicking on Invoice will generate an invoice for the current order, which can then be printed or emailed.

  • Clicking on Dispatch will mark the order as Dispatched.

  • Clicking on Ship allows you to generate a courier label and manifest for your order

  • Clicking on Tag will assign a new tag to the selected order. You will be prompted for a tag name once this is clicked.

  • Clicking on Cancel will send a cancel request to the channel, who in turn will email the buyer for a request to cancel the transaction. If they accept, the transaction will be cancelled and the status of the order will be Cancelled.

  • The Mark as Paid option will only be available on Manual Orders. Once clicked, the order can then be processed and dispatched.

  • Clicking on Refund will prompt you for a refund reason. Once this is selected, this request will be sent to the relevant channel and mark the order status as "Refunding". At this point this request will be sent to the channel, who in turn will email the buyer for a request to cancel the transaction. If they accept, the transaction will be cancelled and the status of the order will be Refunded.

3. Timeline

The Timeline Shows the date and time of each step in the order process. This will be updated based on any bulk or individual order actions:

4. Order Alert

You can add special notes to an order, which are only visible within ChannelGrabber. To add an Order Alert, enter some text then click on Save.

5. Buyer Message

The buyer message shows any special notes which the customer has added when placing the order. This will be displayed on your invoices if the relevant tag has been added.

6. Address Information

This area shows Billing/Shipping information related to the order. You can edit this information, in case of buyer request. Once you have done this, click on Save to confirm your changes.

7. Shipping

Select your Carrier from the drop-down options and enter your tracking number. Once the order is dispatched, the tracking number/carrier will be sent directly to the channel. If the order is already dispatched when you add a tracking number - it will be sent to the channel.

With carriers, it is important to remember that eBay/Amazon only recognise specific carriers. Any which they do not have in their list of carriers though the API, will be shown as "Other" on the channel.

If you are shipping an order via a Courier, then once you have generated the courier label in ChannelGrabber (see our guide on Creating Courier Labels for Your Orders), this section will update to show the courier label details, for example:

If you need to re-print a courier label for any reason, you can do it from this section.

8. Payment Information

The payment information section shows any financial details relating to an order.

It includes a breakdown of each individual product purchased, the tax, the method of payment and order total.

9. Order Notes

You can use the order notes, to add any internal information related to the order or customer.

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