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CG - Troubleshooting Browser Issues
CG - Troubleshooting Browser Issues

Identify common browser issues

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From time to time, we get reports of issues pertaining to specific browsers or user machines that cannot be reproduced by our team. When this occurs, we can often narrow down the root of the problem by performing some checks:

  1. Does the issue occur on different machines?
    If the issue cannot be reproduced on two different laptops or computers, it suggests that the origin of the fault is somewhere with the machine it was encountered on.

  2. Does the issue occur in both Chrome and Firefox browsers?
    ChannelGrabber is officially supports both google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so if a specific issue is happening on one browser, but not the other, it suggests a browser-specific problem.

  3. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?
    Often the issue can be resolved by clearing cached data from your Chrome or Firefox browser.

  4. Have you checked your browser extensions?

    If an issue is localised to your browser, and you have tried clearing the cache, it could be that the extensions in your browser are causing issues with the system. You should be able to check and disable your browser extensions in Chrome or Firefox, and narrow down.

Generally checking these things will help narrow down, and often resolve issues reported that appear to be occurring for one person, but not reproducible elsewhere.

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