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Getting ready to import

Before following this guide you must ensure your SKU’s are setup correctly. If you would like more assistance with getting your products ready for importing, please follow the below guides:

Understanding SKUs

Adding or Amending SKUs on eBay

Adding or Amending SKUs on EKM


Importing your listings

Important Note:You should always import listings from the channel which has the most accurate stock levels first. 

This is because ChannelGrabber will use the stock value from the first listing it finds for that product. So, if your Amazon stock levels tend to be more accurate than your eBay ones, import your Amazon listings first so that ChannelGrabber uses the Amazon stock level.

1.  Hover your mouse over the Products button at the top of the page and click Import Listings from the drop down menu:

2. The system automatically checks your channels once every 24 hours to bring any new listings into the Import Listings section (usually roughly around 01:00 am), but if you want to trigger an import yourself, you can click on the Download Listings button at any time:

A pop-up message will appear, then select which channel(s) you want to import from and click the Download Listings button (if listings are already importing then you will not be able to re-select the channel until the current import process has completed, like Amazon in the example below):

3.  Once your listings are downloaded, you can use the filters to select the Channel/Account/Site you wish to import from (remember to import from the account with the most accurate stock levels first):

4.  Click the Apply Filters button:

5.  Select all listings that you want to import using the tick boxes to the left of the page then click the Import button, OR select the Import > Import All Filtered option to import everything from the channel you have filtered to:

6.  Wait for the import to finish, then repeat for all other listings you want us to manage the stock for. Any listing not imported will not have its stock managed by ChannelGrabber which may result in oversells

If you know your stock levels are inaccurate and plan on doing a stock take, you can import all listings without applying a filter as the initial stock value is irrelevant.

You will have the option to change the stock level after the import if needed.


Unimported Listings

Once you have imported all your listings you will be be left with any listings which cannot be imported due to a lack of an SKU.  You can now use this page to find which listings require you to add an SKU so that we can import it into ChannelGrabber and manage its stock.

You can also filter your listings by specific errors using the filter bar at the top of the page.

Once all your products are all imported, we recommend that you follow these next guides:

Check/change stock levels and update stock in bulk

Guide to using different stock rules

How to Enable Stock Management in ChannelGrabber


Things to Remember

  • The first listing imported for each SKU will be the one we take the stock value, image, and title from

  • Listings without SKUs cannot be imported, and thus cannot be stock managed

  • All new listings will need importing here - This does not happen automatically

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