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A Pick List can save you time by helping you be more organised when picking items from your shelves to fulfil orders.

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A Pick List is a document that indicates which items you need from your inventory to fulfill orders. This is particularly useful for shippers with a large amount of inventory, volume of orders, or customers ordering many SKUs. 

The Pick List will indicate the quantity of each SKU that needs to be taken from inventory to ship your packages, as well as important product details such as variations and product images and the location of each product.

Pick List Settings

You can customise the Pick List in Settings > Order Management > Pick List.

Here you can toggle different elements of the Pick List on or off depending on your preferences, and also set how you want the Pick List to be arranged, eg. ascending by SKU:


Customise Your Picking Locations

If you choose to include Picking Locations on your Pick List, then you will need to tell us the name and order of your locations too.  For example, let's say you have two warehouses, and within each warehouse products are stored within one of several aisles, and within each aisle a product will be on a specific shelf.  This means you'll want to tell ChannelGrabber the location of each product according to your storage structure above.  

To do this, click into Stock Location 1 and enter the name as "Warehouse", then click the + button on the next row to add two more stock locations, and enter them as "Aisle" and "Shelf":

You are not limited to three locations, so go as many layers deep as you need to.


Adding Picking Locations Per Product

Once you have set your Picking Location names, continue to the main Products page and click on the Stock tab:

For single products you will immediate see the option to add a picking location for each of the locations you added in your Settings:

For variation products you will need to expand the parent row to show the individual variation SKUs, which means you can enter different picking locations per variation if your products are not all grouped together, providing greater flexibility:

Useful Tip:
If you sell Bundles (Linked Products), you do not need to enter Picking Locations for the bundle SKU as it's the component products that will appear on the Pick List, so just add locations to your component/master items.

Another Useful Tip:
Any Picking Locations that you enter will be remembered in the drop-down list to be re-used on other products to make things more efficient.  If you later remove a location from all products it will then disappear out of the "remembered" list once it is not in use any any products.


Generating Pick Lists for Orders

To create a Pick List, navigate to your main Orders page, and first select the orders that need picking using the tick boxes to the left of each order:

Now click the Pick List button from the actions toolbar:

ChannelGrabber will produce a PDF Pick List (this should download in your browser automatically) to show you the details of the products contained within the orders you have selected.  It will also detail the date/time that the Pick List was generated, the user who generated it, and how many pages there are, to help you stay organised:


We hope this guide is useful, but if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us via the Intercom (chat) system in your ChannelGrabber account, or via email on

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