CG - Printing Your Invoices

Learn how to print your invoices in bulk, saving you time in your day to day operations

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Whether you are printing a single invoice or a batch of 500 invoices, ChannelGrabber allows you to quickly and easily generate and print out your orders onto your chosen invoice design.

How to generate and print off invoices in bulk.

  1. Go to your orders page.

  2. Select all the orders your wish to print out an invoice for.

  3. Click on the invoice button on the dashboard and it will ask you to save or open your invoices on the browser.ย 

  4. If you wish to print your invoices by SKU order instead, click the arrow next to the invoice button and select "by SKU"

  5. Once the invoices are open on a new window, simply print them out using your chosen settings.

Printing an invoice inside an order

Simply click inside any chosen order on the orders page and you will see an option to print out the invoice here too.

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