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Have ChannelGrabber email a PDF Invoice to your customers when you mark their orders as Dispatched

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ChannelGrabber offers you the option to have a PDF invoice emailed to your customers once you mark their orders as "Dispatched" in our system.

If you dispatch using FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), we will send the invoice when Amazon marks the order as dispatched.

To manage your invoices and emails, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Invoice Management > Template Settings

2. Firstly you can select which extra components (if any) you want to add on top of the basic invoice design features. You can choose to show barcodes, include the SKU and/or include product images on the invoice table, simply by selecting the tick box for each option:

3. If you want ChannelGrabber to email a copy of the invoice to your customer once you mark their order as Dispatched in ChannelGrabber, on the Trading Company Email Settings, you need to add and verify the email addresses that you want your invoice emails to be sent from. Simply enter the email address you want to use (this can be different for each separate trading company you have added to your account) then click the Verify button:

Alternatively, you can just enter one overall email address for all emails to be sent from, in the Invoice Settings section, and you can also set whether you want to receive a copy of each invoice email that is sent to your customers:

You should then check your email inbox for a verification email and confirm it once it arrives. The status in ChannelGrabber will update to "Verified" once this has been successful.

4. In the Invoice Mapping Table you can:

  • Assign different Trading Companies to each channel

  • Assign a different invoice design to each channel and even for each different international site (if you want to have invoices in the native language of each site for example):

  • Edit the Email Content and even the Email Subject per channel/site to create a customised email message for your invoice PDF file to be attached to when emailing the customer (more on this below):

  • Enable the Email Invoice setting per channel/site to tell ChannelGrabber which marketplaces orders you want to email invoices for, and which ones you do not (for Amazon this column just refers to merchant orders):

  • Lastly, for your Amazon account only, in the Send To FBA column, if you have chosen to have ChannelGrabber import your FBA orders, you can also set whether or not you want the system to send your invoice emails for FBA orders or not:

Please note that if you ship using FBA instead of a courier, we will email the invoice when Amazon marks the order as dispatched.

โ€‹5. On the Email Content column, you can click the Edit button to customise the subject and content for the email that the invoice will be attached to for each channel/site.

You can also insert tags to incorporate company and customer/order details in the email if you wish (see our guide on Dynamic Tags for more detail on these).

Top Tip:
If you have had problems with Amazon customers "opting out" of receiving emails from you as a seller, you can overcome this and ensure your email will reach your customer on Amazon by adding [Important] to your email Subject Line:

Once you have completed these steps, ChannelGrabber will be able to automatically generate the correct invoice design for all of your orders, whether you are printing or emailing them.

Important Note: Amazon Communication Guidelines

The above feature and example templates adhere to Amazon's Communication Guidelines, by only emailing the buyer with a "permitted message" ie. to send an invoice. However, it is still important that, if you customise the Email Content, you must ensure that your own content still adheres to Amazon's policies.

ChannelGrabber cannot be held responsible for any violations to Amazon's policies, caused by the use of banned content in the email message.

Here is a check list to help you. The following is content banned, even in permitted messages:

  • External links

  • Email addresses

  • Telephone numbers

  • Attachments (except for product instructions, warranty information, or invoices)

  • Logos, if they contain or display a link to your website

  • Sensitive/adult/offensive language

  • Images

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