CG - Add Weights and Dimensions to Products

Saves time when producing shipping labels by adding weight and dimensions in advance

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How to add Weights & Dimensions to Products

Why would you want to do this?

  • Store useful data on your products for future use

  • Save yourself time by not having to enter any information when printing labels

  • Have your 'package types' automatically selected

Add as you go

First thing to note here is you don't have to add your weights and dimensions in advance. ChannelGrabber will ask you for the weight and dimensions of your products when you produce a shipping label, and will then save that information so you only need to fill it once.

If however, you would like to do this in advance and get it out the way ...

Adding through the interface

  • Navigate to the main Products page

  • Select the 'Details' Tab towards the top right of the Products table

  • Begin keying in the relevant information for that product and hit enter on your keyboard or click the tick button to save as you go along:

Adding via bulk upload CSV

  • Download this template (it is crucial that you do NOT change, re-organise or remove any of the headers, even if you don't use every column)

  • Enter the SKUs of all of the items you want to upload dimensions for (to get a full list of all of your SKUs from the Products page in CG, you can click the 'Stock Export' button)

  • You can leave the product name blank or enter it, it will not change the product name within the system

  • Enter the Total Stock as "0" for every item (We will tell the system to 'add 0' to your existing stock levels, avoiding any stock changes)

  • Then add the weights (kg) & dimensions (cm) to alongside each product

  • The file format always needs to be set as CSV (Comma Delimited) when you are saving your files for importing to ChannelGrabber:

  • Go to the Products page, select 'Stock Import'

  • Select 'Add to stock level' as the Stock Action:

  • Choose your weights and dimensions file before hitting 'Confirm

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