CG - Connecting to Amazon and Resolving Messages

There's an extra step required for connecting Amazon messaging, but don't worry, its a doddle!

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You may have completed this step already when you first signed up for ChannelGrabber. If you have, then congratulations, you have already completed this challenge.

If you haven't yet done this, then to allow ChannelGrabber to manage your Amazon messages, you'll need to perform a few steps to allow you to receive and reply to your messages.

You'll need to do this for each Amazon account you want ChannelGrabber to manage messages for:

1. Go to Settings > Channel Management > Sales Channels and click on Manage next to the relevant Amazon account:

2. Within your Amazon account settings, under the Messages / Emailing Invoices section, you'll see a "Messages Email":

3. Copy this email address then open a new tab in your browser and log into your Amazon Seller Central account.

4. At the top right hand corner, click on Settings > Account Info:

5. Click onto the Your Seller Profile link:

Then for each marketplace you'll see a Customer Service Email and Customer Service Reply Email.  Click on Edit at the top right of the Seller Information box to update these:

6. Paste the email address that you copied from ChannelGrabber, into both the Customer Service Email and the Customer Service Reply To Email and click on Submit at the bottom of the page:

7. You will also need to navigate to Settings > Notification Preferences > Messaging > Buyer Messages, and enter your Messages Email in here. 

All Done!  ChannelGrabber will begin to download any new messages you receive from now on.

Resolving Amazon Messages

To access the Message Centre, click on the Messages Icon on the navigation bar at the top of your page:

To view a message, click on any message from the left hand message pane. The details of the message will be shown in the reading pane on the right of the page.

With Amazon Messages there is an option to Resolve the message when replying. Resolving a message, marks it as "no reply needed" on Amazon

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