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The ChannelGrabber Challenge - Phase 7 - Advanced Stock Features
CG - Link Your Products to Sync Stock Levels Between Different SKUs
CG - Link Your Products to Sync Stock Levels Between Different SKUs

Learn how to link one SKU to another so that stock levels stay in sync, no matter which one sells

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We developed our Linked Products feature to account for two main scenarios: people who sell multiple items as one bundle, kit or multi-pack, and those who list the same item multiple times but under different SKUs.

Here's how it works...

Let's say you have a product which is made up from multiple other products (usually referred to as a "bundle" or a "kit") or you sell different quantities of the same product as "multi-packs" - the Linked Products feature allows you to select the main bundle product and link it to the stock levels of the component products, so that when the bundle sells, the stock of the component products is reduced, and when one of the component products sells, the stock of the bundle is reduced.

It can also be used for basic SKU mapping purposes too.  Say for example you have the same product listed twice on Amazon against different ASINs, and have therefore had to use different SKUs on Amazon.  Import them both into our system then use Linked Products to tie the stock of one SKU to the other, so they both stay in sync! 

Pretty awesome, right?!  Happy linking!  :)

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