CG - Applying FBA Stock to Non-Amazon Listings

Learn how to have your merchant and FBA stock combined and shared with all your channels

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We have released a simple feature which allows ChannelGrabber to fetch your FBA stock levels from Amazon, and at the click of a button, share that stock with any matching products with the same SKU on all your other channels.

This allows you to sell more stock across all your marketplaces and have Amazon fulfil the orders from the other channels if needed (see separate guide on Forwarding Merchant Orders to FBA for Shipping)


Enabling the FBA Stock Feature on Your Account

1. Simply navigate to Settings > Channel Management > Sales Channels and click "Manage" on your Amazon account.  

2. Next, find the "Include FBA Stock on all listings" setting and toggle that to "ON":

3. A confirmation pop-up with appear and you will then need to click the "Enable" button to authorise this feature:

This will then start your FBA stock being shared with your other channels.

Important Note:

At this stage of development, this shares the stock automatically with all your channels where the merchant SKUs match the FBA SKUs.  

We have future developments under discussion to add further functionality to this such as allowing the import of FBA products to the main Products page etc, so we welcome your input and creativity to help us shape the FBA options that we offer.  You can email with your ideas  :)

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