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Learn how to create a purchase order to send to your supplier, and how to book the stock in once it arrives with just a few clicks

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Our Purchase Order feature allows you to create purchase orders from your product data that has been imported into ChannelGrabber, to make re-ordering stock from your suppliers more efficient.  It also makes booking the stock in once it arrives much more straightforward too!  :)

Adding Products to a Purchase Order

There are three ways to add products to a Purchase Order:

  • Setup Low Stock Thresholds on your products and then any products where the stock is at or below the threshold can be automatically added to a Purchase Order (along with the default Reorder Quantity that you have set per product) - please read our guide on Low Stock Thresholds to learn more about this feature

  • Assign Supplier names or codes to your products from the "Details" tab on the Products page, and have all products from a certain Supplier added to the Purchase Order

  • Manually search and add the specific products you want to re-order to the Purchase Order


Adding Products with Low Stock to a Purchase Order

1.  First, navigate to Products > Purchase Orders:

2.  Click the Create new Purchase Order for products with low stock button:

3.  All your products that have the Low Stock Threshold setting switched on, that are at or below their threshold level will be automatically added to the list, along with their default Re-Order Quantity, but you can of course edit the quantity being ordered if needed:


Adding Products to a Purchase Order by Supplier

1.  First, navigate to Products > Purchase Orders:

2.  Click the Create new Purchase Order for products with Supplier drop-down menu and select from your list of suppliers to choose which Supplier's products to add to the Purchase Order:

3.  All products that have your selected Supplier applied on the Products page will then be added to the list and you can then edit the quantity being ordered if needed:


Adding Products to a Purchase Order Manually 

1.  First, navigate to Products > Purchase Orders:

2.  Use the search bar to enter the SKU or product name of the first item you want to add to your purchase order, then click the Search button:

3.  Any products that match your search term will be displayed, along with the quantity that you have available in ChannelGrabber.  You can then enter the quantity that you want to add to the Purchase Order, and click the Add button:

Note: the search results will remain until you click off them, so if you may not be able to see the item as it's added to your purchase order if it's hidden behind the search results.  Don't panic though - it will be there waiting for you when you're done searching  :)

Repeat this process for any other items that you wish to add to the Purchase Order, until you have a complete list.

Naming and Saving a Purchase Order

1.  Click on the Enter Purchase Order Number field and give your Purchase Order a name or reference and click the tick to save your changes:

2.  Click the Save button and the system will notify you to tell you that it has been saved:

3.  Your new purchase order will also appear in the Purchase Order Table to the left of the page, to show you the current status, as well as the date/time it was created and the PO Number/Reference.  You can use the Show filter to show purchase orders by status in this table too:

Hint:  You can continue to add more items even after it is saved if you need to, just remember to save again after each set of changes.

4.  Once your product list is complete, you can click the Download button to generate the list as a PO file on your computer (the default filename format will be "purchase_order", just so you know what to look for):

This will download a spreadsheet (CSV) file which contains a list of the item SKUs and the quantity that you added to the Purchase Order.  You can then send this to your Supplier to easily and efficiently place the order.


Completing a Purchase Order and Booking Stock into ChannelGrabber

Once your supplier has sent you the products from the Purchase Order, simply return to the Purchase Orders section and click on the relevant PO Number from the table on the left to load the full list in.  If the supplier has not sent all the items you ordered, you can amend the quantities first, then click the Complete button to complete the Purchase Order and ChannelGrabber will automatically add the new stock on top of your existing stock levels in our system, so you will see the quantities on the Products page update once this is done and of course, if you have stock management activated, this will trigger a stock push to your marketplaces for these SKUs as well:

The status of the Purchase Order in the table will update to Complete once this is all done:


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