CG - Use Batches to Avoid Double-Dispatching

Batches are just quick tags that let everyone in your company know which orders you're working on, so they don't dispatch them too!

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As ChannelGrabber allows you to have as many users as you need, logging in simultaneously, it was important for us to put a process in place that allows you to make sure no-one is dispatching the same order at the same time.

Select a group of orders you are going to start processing. Select Batch immediately which will group the selected orders:

You can see your order batches on the left hand side of the orders page below the Filter sections:

The number on the left is the Batch Number and the number on the right shows how many orders are contained in this batch.

Or you can filter by Batches, by clicking the "More" button in the Filter bar then enabling the Batch filter.  From the Batch filter, select the batch(es) you want to view and click the Apply Filters button:

You can also enable a column in your Orders table to show the batch that each order is assigned to.  Click the Settings cog on the top right of your table and select :

You can also remove orders from batches by selecting an order, then clicking Batch > Remove:

More importantly, everyone else can see your batch too. This means someone else coming onto the system can see which orders are already in a batch, and know not to process them.

Batches can be created to 'dish out' the orders at the start of the day. Our most prudent users will create several batches in the morning and assign "Batch 1 to Joe" and "Batch 2 to Clare", for example. 

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