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CG - Mapping Invoice Templates to Different Channels & Trading Companies
CG - Mapping Invoice Templates to Different Channels & Trading Companies

Make sure your different brand identities use different invoice designs to keep them separate

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We understand that you may trade under multiple different trading names/brands across your different channels, so we've made it really easy to set up as many different invoice designs as you need and then have our system print/email the correct invoice for your orders automatically, based on which channel/trading company the order is from.

Once you have designed your invoices for your different trading companies (see our guide on Personalising Your Invoice Design for more help with this), you will then need to tell ChannelGrabber which invoice applies to which trading company.

To do this, please navigate to Settings > Invoice Management > Invoice Settings:

Scroll down to the Invoice Mapping Table.  Here you can fine-tune your invoice preferences.

First, choose which of your invoice designs you want to be the overall Default Invoice when printing/emailing invoices:

Next, you can drill down into more detail on which trading companies and invoice designs you want to apply to each of your different channels within the table (if you leave them as "Default" then whatever settings you have applied on the rest of the Invoice Settings section will apply to your channels):

In the third column you can select which Trading Company is associated with each channel/site:

Then choose an Assigned Invoice for each channel:

Once you have completed these steps, ChannelGrabber will be able to automatically generate the correct invoice design for all of your orders, whether you are printing or emailing them.

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