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Create and print shipping labels through ChannelGrabber to save time booking orders in

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You can create labels for one or more orders in bulk.

Review stage 

You will only see this review stage if you have more than one courier connected.  If you only have one courier, you will be taken straight to the Booking Stage.

  1. Select one or more orders from the orders page.

  2. Click on the Ship button at the top of the page.

  3. You will then see a page where you can review your orders.  On this page you can view/amend the shipping services for each order. If you followed the steps above to map your channel shipping methods then the services will already be selected. Here you can change them if needed.

  4. Once you are happy with the selected services, click on Continue.

Booking Stage 

All the orders you selected a courier and service for will be split up into a page per courier. Each courier requires different information to be entered per order. Once a label is generated, the courier and tracking number will be saved and passed to the channel where possible. 

  1. You will need to specify weight and dimensions for an item being sent. This information will be saved, so you will only need to enter it once per item.

  2. Some couriers will allow you to enter delivery instructions, have insurance, or require a signature.

  3. You’ll be able to choose a collection date, this is the date the order should be collected. This date will be use for the manifest creation.

  4. For each order you’re able to choose how many parcels make up the order. When choosing this, you’ll need to detail the weight and dimensions of each parcel.

  5. Once all the details have been entered for an order, click the “Create Label” button. This will generate a label and book it in for collection.

  6. If there are any problems booking in the order an error will be returned. You may have to use a different service if the service you’re attempting to use isn’t valid. Common causes of this are the weight or dimensions of the package, the delivery country or postcode.

  7. If successful the fields will become disabled and you can print the label out by clicking the “Print Label” button.

  8. If the order is being sent by UPS, Royal mail or Yodel there will be an option to cancel the label. Cancelling the label will cancel collection of the order and allow you to generate a new label. Other courier labels cannot be cancelled.

  9. You can also create and print labels in bulk by using the buttons at the top. This will book all the orders in together and return a single PDF with all the labels on. You will first need to make sure all the information has been added before doing this or you will receive an error.

  10. Once all the labels have been created and printed you can continue onto the next courier, if there is one, by using the continue button or the navigation on the left.

Generating a manifest

Some couriers require that you generate a “manifest” to book in your parcels. A manifest is a list of parcels which you have generated that day. Couriers that require a manifest currently are Royal Mail, UPS and Yodel. Royal Mail can only be manifested once a day so make sure to have created and printed all labels first as this can not be added to later.

 To generate a manifest: 

  1. Click on the arrow on the courier button on the main orders page

  2. You will then be asked to choose which courier you want to generate the manifest for.

  3. Select the courier and it will display how many orders are awaiting manifest. If there are orders awaiting you’ll be able to click the button to create a new manifest.

  4. You are also able to re-generate manifests from this screen, to do so please enter the respective dates and then generate

After you have generated your labels, if you need to check the label details, or re-print the label, click into any order using the Order ID from the main Orders page, then you will see details of your courier label in the Shipping section of the order breakdown:

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