CG - Common Shopify issues
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When updating Shopify listings, there are a few common things you can check to ensure stock updates do not hit an error and fail to reach your inventory on Shopify.

Ensure that you do not have multiple stock locations for your Shopify inventory.

ChannelGrabber does not currently support multiple stock locations on Shopify, so we will be unable to update stock for your listings if you have multiple stock locations set up on the account.

If this is a feature you are interested in us supporting, please send a message with your interest to our Product Team.

Ensure Inventory tracking is enabled in Shopify.

Shopify has options to track inventory levels or to continue selling stock when the inventory reaches zero. If inventory tracking is disabled, ChannelGrabber will receive an error when attempting to update stock levels for any listings. This guide from Shopify indicates how to ensure you have inventory tracking enabled, so the system can update your stock levels correctly.

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