CG - Zero-Rate a VAT Invoice for your European customers

Perfect when selling to business buyers in Europe

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Since January 1st 2021 the below advice applies to NORTHERN IRELAND retailers selling into the EU only

If you are VAT registered in Northern Ireland, you may find that your EU customers request a zero-rated VAT invoice from time to time. This can be achieved in OrderHub.

  1. Click into the relevant order and scroll down to the Product & Payment Information section

  2. Tick the "EU Zero-Rate VAT" option

  3. Enter the customer’s VAT number and click Apply

The buyers VAT number will now automatically appear on the invoice, and the VAT portion will be reduced to 0

Frequently Asked Questions

If the invoice has 0% VAT then why is the order total still the same?

Although we can change the VAT to £0 we cannot actually edit the total value of the order. Lets look at an example.

You sell an item for £10 and it normally fetches 20% VAT, so our invoice shows
Subtotal £8,  VAT £2,  Total £10

You then apply the Zero-Rate for a European buyer and our invoice now shows
Subtotal £10,  VAT £0,  Total £10

This is correct, as the buyer did actually send you £10 in exchange for this item. However, as there is now no VAT applied you can now refund the buyer the £2 difference. At time of writing, we don't support partial refunding, and this will need to be done directly via the sales channel itself.

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