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We want your business to reach the highest heights it possible can, and we're here to help you get the most from your experience with us!  In order to do that, in this section we're going to be issuing you with some challenges designed to help you take advantage of ALL the relevant features in our system and experience real time and money saving benefits.

You can get started straight away by visiting the ChannelGrabber Challenge section of our user guide.

Topics Covered

We're going to cover a whole host of topics, all of which will help improve your business processes in one way or another. Most save you time, some save you money, others just make your life easier (and who doesn't want that?!)

We'll start by looking at basic order processing, then progress onto stock management, shipping tools, invoicing and messaging.

Each phase is made up of 3-5 different challenges. We don't require you to complete every single challenge since its unlikely that every challenge will be relevant to your business, but try and complete as many as you can - it's in your interest after all!  :)

Challenge Tracking

In order to record that you have completed a challenge, complete the action in your ChannelGrabber account, then return to the user guide for that challenge and 'react' to the article to let us know how helpful our guide was in your progress.

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