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Learn how to export order data into a spreadsheet for reporting, accounting and marketing purposes

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ChannelGrabber includes an option which allows you to export order data into a CSV spreadsheet file.  You can then utilise this file for various purposes, including (but not limited to) accounting, reporting and forecasting, and marketing.

There are three options:

The To CSV option exports the order data with one row PER PRODUCT, so that means if you have an order with three items, there will be three data rows for one order.  This could be useful for product assessment (eg. working out your best sellers) and sales forecasting.

The Order Data Only option exports one row PER ORDER, so you get general order data but not product-specific data.  This could be useful for accounting and marketing.

Here's how it's done...

1.  Navigate to your main Orders page:

2.  Utilise the order filters to narrow down your orders so that you are left with the orders from the time frame / channel / status / country etc that you need, then click the "select all" tick box to select all orders within your filtered selection:

3.  a)  If you need order PRODUCT data, click the To CSV button:

b)  If you need just the overall ORDER data, click the drop-down arrow then select the
Order Data Only button:

Once you have clicked either button, a CSV file will be generated and automatically downloaded in your web browser (this will usually display at the lower left of your browser, but this may vary depending on which browser you are using):

If you have trouble finding it, check your browser's default download folder - it will be called "orders.csv" or "orders (2).csv" etc. depending on whether you have other files with the same name previously downloaded.

Open up the CSV file and voilà!  There's your order data ready for you to use outside of ChannelGrabber however you see fit.

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