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CG - Exporting Order Data from the Data Exchange
CG - Exporting Order Data from the Data Exchange

Guide on how to export order data from the Data Exchange for third party shippers and the like

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From time to time, you may wish to export order data from ChannelGrabber. Our Data Exchange allows you to specify a range of fields to export from a particular set of orders into a csv file.

Customers often use this for internal reports, or for use when uploading order information to a third party shipper.

When exporting Order Data from the Data Exchange, there are two keys bits of information required:

  • A Saved Filter on the Orders page - this is used to specify the range of orders you wish to pull data from.

  • A Template under Data Exchange > Orders > Templates - this tells the system exactly which fields you want to grab data from (Order Id, Shipping Price, SKU, etc.)

Once these two things have been set up in the system, you will be able to download order data on demand from Data Exchange > Orders > Exports:

Here you can download the specified data directly to a csv file, or have it emailed to the logged in user's email.

There are also advanced options for setting up export rules here, allowing you to send information to an FTP Server, or to an Email address at specific times.


So, let's say I want to export a report of the Manual Orders placed during the previous month. I want to know information such as: Order ID, SKUs, Quantity ordered, order totals.

First, I want to set up my order filter on the Orders page:

  • I set the Ordered date range to Previous Month

  • I set the Channel to (More: Channel) to Manual Orders

  • I save the Filter to the Orders page

Next i want to set my Template under Data Exchange > Orders > Templates:

  • The column on the left tells the system the column names that will appear on the CSV file exported.

  • The column on the right specifies which fields will be exported from the system.

  • I set the fields I want and the names to be assigned, and then I save the Template.

Now I have the range of orders (Filter) and the list of fields (Template) I want exported. I can now go to Data Exchange > Orders > Export to export the data:

  • Select the Template

  • Select the Saved Filter

  • Select if you want it sent via email (if unchecked it will be downloaded directly)

  • Click Download

You will now have a csv file containing the data requested, which i can use as needed. The filter I have set up can be re-used month to month, as well as the template, or these can be adjusted for new downloads and the like.

I can set up an FTP server or Email Address in the options too, and then create a rule for exporting this data automatically, should i wish to do so.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions or issues here at all!

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