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CG - How do I verify my email address?
CG - How do I verify my email address?

Learn how to authorise ChannelGrabber to email invoices to your customers using your own email address

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If you want ChannelGrabber to be able to email PDF invoices to your customers, then you first need to add and verify your email address in our system.

1. Navigate to Settings > Invoice Management > Template Settings

2.  Scroll down to the Trading Company Email Settings section, where you can enter a different email for each trading company (if you wish) then simply click the Verify button:

3.  You will be prompted to complete Amazon's own verification process if you want ChannelGrabber to send emails to your Amazon customers.

To do this go to and add your email address to the approved senders list. You need to do this for all connected Amazon accounts:

Once you have done this on Amazon, you can return to ChannelGrabber and click the Email address approved for all Amazon accounts button to finalise the email verification process:

4.  The button next to your email address will then say "Verifying..." then a confirmation message will pop up to let you know to check your email inbox for a confirmation email from Amazon Web Services with a subject similar to "Amazon Web Services - Email Address Verification Request".  

5.  Click the URL link in the email you receive from Amazon to confirm that you are authorised to use this email address and complete verification.  Once this is done, please click the OK button on the message in ChannelGrabber and your email address will then be marked as Verified in your settings.

Repeat this process for any other email addresses until all are verified, then you're ready to rock 'n' roll!

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