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Learn how to connect to your EKM webstore for product imports, stock and order management

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Our EKM integration works much like eBay and Amazon, so you can have the full range of functionality for importing products from your webstore, then activating stock management and managing your EKM orders too!

1.  To get started, please navigate to your Settings > Channel Management > Sales Channels page:

2.  On the top right corner, you will see a drop-down box next to an Add button.  Click this to see a list of channels you can connect to, then select ekmPowershop and click the Add button:

3.  First you will be prompted to enter your EKM login details, then click the Link Account button:

5.  Once verified, you'll be taken back to your ChannelGrabber account and into the "Manage" section for your EKM store.  Here you can choose if you would like your EKM listings to be auto-imported or not, and also set the Display Name and Trading Company that you want to use for your EKM webstore in ChannelGrabber, then click Save and you're all done!


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