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CG - Shipping For Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders
CG - Shipping For Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders

Learn how you can use ChannelGrabber to print your courier labels from Amazon to meet their Seller Fulfilled Prime standards

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With Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) becoming a more and more popular option for Amazon sellers, we have now started to work on supporting this as a shipping option in ChannelGrabber.

This means that, rather than having to log into Amazon separately to process your shipping labels for SFP orders, you can now process them via ChannelGrabber, just like our other direct courier integrations, and still meet Amazon's strict shipping criteria without having to process them separately from your other orders.

Important Note

Currently in ChannelGrabber you can ship via EITHER Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) OR Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) but not both, so if you already use ChannelGrabber to forward orders from your other sales channels to FBA for shipping, you will not be able to use SFP at the same time. 

If you need to use both SFP and FBA simultaneously in ChannelGrabber, please let us know by emailing and we can then document your vote against this feature for future development.


Connecting ChannelGrabber to SFP

All you need to do is email to request for Seller Fulfilled Prime to be enabled on your account, and our tech support team will get this set up for you and let you know once it is done.  Alternatively you can use the integrated chat feature (speech bubble icon on the bottom right of any ChannelGrabber page) to speak with Support.

It is also worth checking that the Trading Company assigned to your Amazon Sales Channel has the address matching what you have set on your Amazon account.

Please ensure that any company or trading company details that you have saved in your My Account area of ChannelGrabber have an email address associated with them, as Amazon require an email address for the company that is generating SFP labels.

Finally, also ensure that you have opted in/agreed to all Seller Fulfilled Prime T&Cs here as you will need to accept these to create labels for the integration.

Shipping with SFP via ChannelGrabber

Once the SFP option is enabled on your account, it works very similarly to our other courier integrations. 

1.   You can set default shipping preferences using our Shipping Aliases tool.  Any Seller Fulfilled Prime orders will show the shipping method with an "SFP" prefix, for example, the normal service from Amazon might be "Std UK Dom", but if it's a Prime order it would show as "SFP Std UK Dom" so these can be mapped to a separate alias to make it easier to separate Prime orders from normal merchant orders.

2.  When processing your SFP orders in ChannelGrabber, from the Orders page, select the relevant orders, then click the Ship button:


3.  If you have not yet setup your Shipping Aliases to automate the selection or if you need to overwrite a previously set shipping rule, then you can select your Amazon account as the Courier then click the Continue button at the top right corner of the page:


4.  Select the Delivery Experience first, then you can click the Request Services button to choose which service you want to use for each order:

To grab all the services in one go, simply click the Request All Services button on the top right corner of the page to save doing this for every individual order:


5.  You can then tick the box in the Courier Will Pick Up? column to specify whether you want a collection or drop-off.  If you tick the box, you can then specify the Collection Date and Time required:


6.  If you have not previously entered Weights or Dimensions to your products in ChannelGrabber (see guide on how to Add Weights and Dimensions to Products) then you can enter them in this section and they will be saved against these SKUs for next time, so you only have to enter them once:


7.  Lastly, select whether or not you want to add Insurance to the shipping service you have selected, and if you do, specify the Insurance Amount that you want each package to be insured up to:


8.  Once all the required fields are completed, you can click the Create Label button if you want to generate each label individually, or you can click the Create All Labels button at the top right corner of the page to do them all in one go and save time:

9.  Once the labels are generated, these buttons will update to Print Labels and Print All Labels respectively, so click the print button and this will generate a PDF file for you to print containing all your Amazon labels, or alternatively, if you are printing the labels on an integrated label invoice, simply ignore the print option in the Ship section, return to your main Orders page, then generate your invoices and the labels that you just created will automatically be included on the invoice's peel off section.
We hope this guide is useful, but if you need any further help or guidance, feel free to open a chat with Support (lower right corner of any ChannelGrabber page) or email and we'll do our best to offer further assistance.

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