This is not widely available to all customers yet, so if you have a Hermes corporate account (not to be confused with MyHermes!) then you will need to send us a request to to ask for this to be enabled on your ChannelGrabber account.

Once enabled, you can follow these steps to get connected:

1.  To get the ball rolling you need to contact your Hermes account manager and request for them to provide you with your test credentials for an integration with ChannelGrabber.  You will need:

  • Client Name

  • Client ID

  • Username

  • Password

2.   Once Hermes provide your test credentials, login to ChannelGrabber and navigate to your Settings > Channel Management > Shipping Channels section:

3.  From the courier drop-down menu on the top right corner, select Hermes (not MyHermes) and click the Add button:

4.  You will be presented with an integration form.  Please complete all fields with a red asterisk with the test credentials that Hermes have provided you, and initially, leave both the tick boxes underneath the form un-ticked for now, then click the Link Account button:


5.  You will then be able to create a Hermes Test Pack in ChannelGrabber.  You will need to send your test pack back to Hermes in order for them to check and approve the test pack.

6.  Once your test pack is approved, Hermes will provide your live credentials.  Return to your Shipping Channel settings in ChannelGrabber and click Manage on the Hermes profile.  Next, replace the test credentials with the new live credentials and tick the first box under the form, but leave the last tick box un-ticked then click the Link Account button:

7.  You then need to create a live test pack using your live credentials and send this to Hermes again for the final sign off from them.

8.  Once your live test pack has been approved for the final time, return to Manage your Hermes settings in ChannelGrabber again and this time, tick both tick boxes and click Link Account and this will complete the integration process:


Creating & Printing Labels

We recommend that the first step is to set up Shipping Aliases to allow ChannelGrabber to automate as much of the shipping process as possible by telling us which courier and service you want to use for each of your sales channels' shipping methods:  Shipping Aliases Guide

Next, follow these guides to learn about:

If you need further assistance with any of this, feel free to contact us on, or via the integrated chat system in ChannelGrabber (lower right corner of any CG page) or call Support on +44 (0)161 711 0248.

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