CG - Wrong VAT on Shopify orders

Shopify orders on ChannelGrabber are coming in with the wrong VAT. Here's how to resolve this.

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If you have enabled VAT on your ChannelGrabber account and have the Shopify webstore integrated, you may find your VAT on the orders page to be incorrect and not matching the VAT on Shopify.

ChannelGrabber works on the assumption that all prices on your webstore is with VAT included. To make sure your webstore aligns with ChannelGrabber's logic, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Shopify webstore and click Settings on the bottom left hand corner.

  2. Next click on Taxes.

3.  Under tax calculations, please make sure that "Show all prices with tax included" is ticked.
4.  Click save and all new orders on ChannelGrabber will have it's VAT matched up with your webstore.


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