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CCP - Order Importer Issues
CCP - Order Importer Issues

Basics we need to know before we can look to diagnose your Generic Order Importer issue

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To help us help you more quickly please send over the following to help us recreate the issue you are experiencing.
On the computer you are running the order import on please navigate to your MyDocuments\Order Importer folder and send us the following (if they exist).

  • settings.bak

  • profiles.bak

  • error.txt

  • log.txt

Please also send a copy of the file you are having trouble importing and the name of profile (if available) you are trying to import it with.
Advise us if you have managed to get the importer working in the past or if this is an issue with the initial setup. If this is a problem with the application setup or you don't even get those files - please advise if you are trying to run this over a network or a virtual machine.

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