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CCP - Configuring Stock Level Alerts
CCP - Configuring Stock Level Alerts

Create stock alerts when your product levels go below a minimum value.

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In CCP, you can set up global and individual Stock Alerts which you will automatically receive via email when product levels go below a set minimum value:

Set up Global Stock Alerts

Click Products in the Admin Centre dashboard, then click the Stock Alert button to the right of the panel.

Set the Threshold level for Alerts

In the pop-up panel, you can set the minimum level which you want the Stock Alert to trigger for ALL your products. Enter a value then click Save Alert.

Delete Alerts

If you want to delete your stock alert you simply press Stock Alert then Delete Alert.

Set Individual Stock Alert Levels

Even with the global Stock Alert settings, you may still want to set a different level for individual products. To do this, down the bottom right handside you will see a section for Stock Alert. Click Edit and enter the minimum value you want for this particular product. Your global settings will remain saved for all other products.

Configuring the Alert Email

The Stock Alert trigger is automatically set up when you create your first stock alert. By default this goes to the email address that is saved within the Configuration > Organisational details.

If you want to change this to send to additional recipients, first go to Triggers and find the Stock Alert trigger.

Next, click Filters…

…then change the drop down to Recipient and Additonal Recipients and enter the additional email addresses here, seperated with a semi-colon (;).

If you don’t want the email address in the organisational details to receive the alerts change the drop down to Additional Recipient.

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