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CCP - Creating a Customer Return
CCP - Creating a Customer Return

The guide will show you how to create a customer return via the CCP system

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Why may I want to view this report? - If a customer has returned something and you need to amend the stock and also keep record of this in the CCP system


1. Customer Section

Locate the customer who wishes to return an item by entering the customers section.

2. Search for the Customer

Search for the customer and click on their name to load the customer account.

3. Select the Order

Select the order that contains the items the customer wishes to return.

This has to be a dispatched order for you to be able to make a return. You can see the the status of the order within the customer page against the recent orders.

4. Click on the Enter Returns Button

Once the order loads select the “Enter Returns” button to start the returns process.

5. Enter the Quantity

A screen is displayed showing all the items from the order. Select the item and enter the quantity of items to be returned.

6. Select the Returns Reason

You can choose a returns reason from the list. This helps for reporting purposes later. More reasons can be added to the list if you require.

7. Enter a Description (Optional)

You can enter a returns description by clicking the “Description” button.

Enter your return reason and click save.

9. Click Save to Create the Return

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