This guide contains instructions for how to process the return when it arrives back in your premises.

This assumes you previously created a return for an expected return in the customer screen. See Creating a customer return manually for that process.

1. Enter the Returns screen

Select the Returns button to enter the returns screen from your main menu.

2. Choose the Pending return

Your pending returns will be displayed in the outstanding returns screen. Click the Process Return button next to the customer.

3. Choose Accept and Refund

If you wish to apply an immediate refund choose Accept & Refund.

4. Enter the Refund amount

On the left side of the screen you can manually enter a refund amount (for example if you have already refunded via a virtual card terminal) or on the right hand side if the payment was made by a compatible terminal, you may see the option to automatically refund directly through the terminal.

Both options create the refund record in the customer accounts screen and return the items to stock unless you have chosen the “Damaged” option.

5. Use Accept to accept for no refund

You can also click the Accept option to accept the return without refunding money at this time.

6. Apply Credit Note

You will be offered whether you wish to apply a credit note. You may for example wish to apply a credit note for future use by the customer or if you are exchanging the item for an item of a different price you can create a credit note and then apply that to the order order.

7. Return Confirmation

You will see a return confirmation and the item is now back in stock (unless marked as damaged). Credit notes or refunds are applied at this point.

8. The completed return has gone

You should now not see the return in the returns list once it is complete unless there were outstanding items.You have completed the return process at this stage.

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