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CCP - Creating & Applying Trade Discount Codes
CCP - Creating & Applying Trade Discount Codes
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This guide will take you through the process of creating discount codes which can be used to drive sales and clear old stock.

Discounts can be wide reaching and apply to your entire inventory, but they can also be specific to a certain sales channel, customer or product range.

These are specifically trade discounts which only apply to wholesale or telephone order sales channels. Discounts for external sales channels such as Amazon or eBay should be set up directly through them.

It is also possible to apply discounts on bulk purchases, returning customers who order multiples of certain products can now benefit from bulk discounts within a quantity range.

1. Admin Centre

Click “Discounts” from the Admin Centre.

2. Creating A General Discount

  • Any previously created discounts will be displayed within this screen for your reference.

  • To create a new general discount, click the Add+ button on the right hand side of the screen.

3.Discount Code Editor

  • Discount name: Enter a name for the newly created discount code.

  • Discount code: Create a code for the customer to use. Example: DISCOUNT10

  • Discount amount: Discounts can be applied using monetary values (£) or percentages (%).

  • Date range: This is the range you would like to the discount to run for.

4. Add Filters

Adding filters to your discounts allows you to only offer them to certain customers, sales channels or products/product ranges.

  • Customer: You can search for a customer’s account to add a discount to.

  • Sales Channel: You can assign a discount to a sales channel, this will apply the discount to all of the products on that particular channel.

  • Product: This allows you to apply a discount to a single product.

  • Product range: This allows you to apply a discount to a range of products.

  • Quantity: This allows you to set a discount on bulk purchases. For example, a quantity from 10 to 30 would offer discounts on multiple products purchased between this range.

Ad Hoc Discounts

Ad Hoc Discounts are discounts applied to customer orders on the fly. You may choose to offer a discount to a customer who has called to place a telephone order, a one off gesture of goodwill for their custom. Any one off discounts are stored within the “Ad Hoc” section for future reference.

The next time the customer places an order for the same product, the Order From Stock module will prompt that a discount has previously been placed for the product…

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