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CCP - Creating a Wholesale Channel
CCP - Creating a Wholesale Channel
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This guide will take you through the process of creating a wholesale channel and how begin adding products to it.

1. Admin Centre

Click “Selling” from the Admin Centre.

2. Sales Channel List

A list of all previously created sales channels will be displayed.

Click “Add Sales Channel” to continue.

3. Sales Channel Details

Populate the information for your new wholesale channel.

1. Name – Give you channel an identifiable name to ensure it is easy to find when you need it.

2. Pre-Order – This is personal preference and largely depends on your type of business, but typically for wholesale this would be set to “Yes”.

3. Country – Select the country you want this sales channel to apply to. It is important that a channel points to a specific country due to differences in tariffs and taxation between territories.

4. Channel Type – From the drop down menu select “Wholesale”.

5. Save – Click “Save” to confirm your choices and create the sales channel.

4. Adding Products

To add a product to your new sales channel, click “Selling” from the Admin Centre.

5. Adding Products – Sales Channel List

Navigate to the wholesale channel you just created and click it.

6. Adding Products – Find A Range

There are multiple ways to navigate to the product range you want to add.

1. Manually – If you know the category of the range you can click the arrow beside it to show all products within that category.

2. Search – Use the search box to enter keywords. This will display products matching those keywords. Clicking one will take you to the range for that product.

7. Adding Products – Add A Range

If your product range is not current on the sales channel, it will appear as shown above.

1. Visibility Toggle – This shows you are viewing items that are not currently on the sales channel. Click this would show only products that are on the sales channel.

2. Add Button – Click “Add” to continue.

8. Adding Products – Product Details

1. Product Details – A window will display allowing you to customise many aspects of the listing to the needs of that sales channel. Also, if you don’t want to include every item in the range, you can uncheck the ones to exclude with the tick box.

2. Save – Click “Save” to commit your choices and create the sales channel.

3. Close – Click “Close” to continue.

9. Adding Products – Product Details

1. Visibility Toggle – This shows you are viewing items are currently on the sales channel.

2. Update Listing – This will take you back to the previous screen allowing you to make changes at a later date.

3. Remove Listing – Click here to remove the listing from this sales channel.

4. Stock Control Report – This provides an audit trail for the products within the range.

You can also add customers to your new sales channels. For a detailed guide on how to do this, check the link below:

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