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CCP - Combining Flat Files for Tuffnells
CCP - Combining Flat Files for Tuffnells

Clean up large quantities of orders for Tuffnells quickly and easily in Cloud Commerce Pro

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If you are creating a large amount of Tuffnells orders, you might want to combine the flat files you will be sending off to clean up the process a little bit.

Thankfully combining the files is a quick and easy task which we will take you through below.

1. Locate Flat Files

Locate the flat files for your Tuffnells order that you generated in Cloud Commerce Pro. For a detailed guide on creating flat files for Tuffnells click here.

Open the files you wish to combine to continue.

2. Multiple Files

Here we have two flat files that are for the same customer, but are two separate orders.

3. Copy

Decide which file you want to be the main one and select the data from the other by putting the cursor in the file and pressing CTRL+A.

To copy the data you have highlighted press CTRL+C.

4. Paste

Put your cursor in the main file on the next empty line. This is important, as the information for each order must be in a single line.

Press CTRL+V to copy the data over, as shown above. Make sure the data lines up or it will be rejected by Tuffnells.

You can combine as many flat files in this manner as you wish by simply repeating the process.

Press CTRL+S to save when you are done and close the file ready to be sent off to Tuffnells. The other file or files can either be deleted or kept as backups.

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