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CCP - Add A New Or Renew An Expired Amazon Token
CCP - Add A New Or Renew An Expired Amazon Token

Generating new Amazon tokens to replace expired ones in Cloud Commerce Pro

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The Token allows a connection between CCP and Amazon 's API. Without the token there would no connection and as such here is how to add or renew an Amazon token within CCP.

Please note that Amazon will expire your token every 180 days as a security measure to ensure you are aware of what apps have access to your Amazon account. This means you will need to manually renew your token at this time. You should receive notice of this from Amazon prior to it occurring.

Before starting ensure that you are not logged into any Amazon accounts

Navigate to the channels account

Admin → Configuration → Selling → Amazon → Accounts

Renew the token

Select the Authorise Account button

This will prompt you to log in to your Amazon Account

Once logged in, Amazon may ask you to select the country for the account. If you are renewing an EU account simply select the UK, if you are renewing a US account select the US.

Amazon will now ask you to accept the T&C’s

Once this is done the token has been renewed

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