This guide will walk you through the process of updating an expired token for Amazon in Cloud Commerce Pro.

Amazon currently uses 2 tokens, this guide will walk you through updating the MWS token which is the most likely to be causing issues. If this does not resolve your issue please press the below button which will take you to the SP-API guide to try.

1. Checking alerts

If you have an expired token or one that is soon to expire, you should have received a notification on your admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro. Click the notification for more details.

2. Important Notices

Your notice will give you all the information you need about the expired or expiring token. Click the link as shown below to be taken directly to the configuration page for Amazon.

If you click the link, you can now skip to step 6. If you didn't get a notice or have accidentally closed it, continue to the next steps to find it manually.

3. Admin Centre

From the admin centre, click "Configuration".

4. Configuration

From the pop out menu on the left, first click "Selling", then "Amazon" and finally "Accounts".

5. Amazon Accounts

Navigate to the Amazon account which needs a new token and click "Get MWS Token".

Before moving onto the next step, ensure you are logged out of ALL of your Amazon accounts.

6. New Token

If you are setting up a new token please follow this step, if you are updating an existing token please move on to step 7.

From here Cloud Commerce Pro will walk you through the rest of the process. Follow the steps on screen to find the information you need from Amazon so you can generate and save your new token.

7. Renewing the token

Select "Get Token" which will take you through to Amazon which should be logged out. Now you can log back in, making sure it is the correct account you are logging in to.

Once logged in select "Visit Manage Your Apps"

In here you should see 2 Cloud Commerce Pro apps each with different ID's 878241238191

Click "Renew" on the app with ID 532089569783 and copy the token (if the token does not display then simply click "View" and copy it there)

With this token make your way back to Cloud Commerce Pro and paste this token into the "Auth Token" box and click "Save Token"

8. Re-Enable Accounts

After generating your token, all of your Amazon accounts may switch to disabled mode in Cloud Commerce Pro. Ensure you go back and turn them on by checking the box next to "Enabled". At this stage please check that the other check boxes are as you would like them. For example, if you want DON'T orders fetching in to Cloud Commerce Pro then check the "Don't Fetch Orders" box, otherwise leave these unchecked

9. Confirming the token update

Once the token has been applied, you should then see the expiry date against the token change. Providing this has changed, it means the token has updated successfully

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