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CCP - Customer Accounts - Credit Notes

Adding credit notes to customer accounts manually in Cloud Commerce Pro

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This guide will walk you through the process of adding credit notes to customers accounts manually using the customer accounts screen in Cloud Commerce Pro.

Please see our overview guide of the customer accounts screen for a more general introduction to this area of Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click "My Customers".

2. Customer / Company List

Find the customer you require from the list either by using the search box or using the alphabetised filter along the top.

3. Customer / Company Details

From the customer details screen click "View Accounts".

4. Customer / Company Accounts

On the customer accounts screen, click "Credit Note".

5. Credit Note Details

Here you can add all the details required for your new credit note.

  • Add an appropriate date. The current date will always be selected by default.

  • Select a reason from the drop down provided. Choices include, faulty goods, balance adjustment, currency adjustment, discount allowed, goodwill, overcharge, returned goods and short delivered.

  • Add references and descriptions as needed to help organise your credit notes and what they are being used for.

  • Edit the net and / or gross amounts. Entering a value in one will automatically adjust the other based on the percentage of VAT selected.

Once you are happy with you new credit note, simply click "Add Credit Note" to finalise everything and be taken back to the customer accounts screen.

6. Review Credit Note

Your new credit now will now show in the statements section of the customer's account's screen.

7. Other Customer Accounts Guides

Click the links below for detailed guides on how to use each function of the customer accounts screen.

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