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CCP - Customer Accounts - Invoices

How to create one off invoices in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Although almost all invoices are generated automatically by Cloud Commerce Pro, you can also issue manual invoices as required when dealing with customers for one-off items that are not related to a product. For example if you choose to issue an extra delivery charge.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating such one off invoices for customers using the customer accounts screen in Cloud Commerce Pro.

Please see our overview guide of the customer accounts screen for a more general introduction to this area of Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click "My Customers".

2. Customer / Company List

Find the customer you require from the list either by using the search box or using the alphabetised filter along the top.

3. Customer / Company Details

From the customer details screen click "View Accounts".

4. Customer / Company Accounts

On the customer accounts screen, click "Add Invoice".

5. Invoice Details

Here you can enter all the details for your new invoice.

  • Select an appropriate date, although the current date will always be selected by default.

  • Add a description so you can easily identify your invoice on the customers statement for easy allocation.

  • Enter a net or gross amount and the other will adjust based on the VAT rate you have selected.

Once you are happy with your invoice details, simply click "Create Invoice" which will save the new invoice to the customer and return you to their accounts screen.

6. Invoice Review

The customers new invoice will appear in the statements section of the customer accounts screen as shown below.

Click the text under ID, Date or Reference to view the invoice.

7. Email & Print Invoice

Use the Email Invoice button at the top of the screen to send a copy of the invoice to the customer.

If you need to print ta copy of the invoice, click the Print Invoice button.

8. Other Customer Accounts Guides

Click the links below for detailed guides on how to use each function of the customer accounts screen.

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