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CCP - Customer Screen - Overview
CCP - Customer Screen - Overview

A brief introduction to the customer screen and it's many functions in Cloud Commerce Pro

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The customer screen in Cloud Commerce Pro links customer details, orders and accounts all in one easy to navigate hub to give you full control and visibility of the various customers and companies you deal with on a daily basis.

1. Admin Centre

To find your way to the customer screen, click "My Customers" from the admin centre.

2. Customer List

Search for customers using either the search box or find them with the alphabetised filters. If using the search box, you can set the search type using the drop downs beside it. Available search types include:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Postcode

  • Order Number

  • Invoice Number

  • Ebay User ID

  • Tracking Number

  • CCP Order Reference

  • External Order Reference

  • Dispatch Identifier

Use the second drop down to select between trade, retail or all customers.

Once found, click the desired customer from the list.

Here you can also add new customers manually. See the supporting guide for adding customers for a detailed explanation of how this is done.

3. Customer / Company Details

Welcome to the customer screen. First of all, lets look at editing some basic details about your customer.

In the section shown below you can edit a lot of the information you added about a customer when they were created by clicking the "Edit" button at the side of each sub-section. This is especially useful if mistakes were made or the customers details have changed over time.

1. The first section allows you to edit your customers name as well as any pseudonym they might trade under.

2. Here you can select the sales channel the customer is assigned to.

3. This is where you edit company details, mostly financial. Along with what is shown below, you can flag the customer as EU VAT exempt and put their account on hold if needed. You can also set an account reference which will be used if transactions are automatically fed into supported accounts packages.

4. Select the customers payment terms here. Click the link for a more detailed guide on this area of the customer screen.

5. This section shows the customers outstanding balance. Clicking "View Accounts" takes you to the customer accounts screen. Click the link below for detailed guides relating to the Customer Accounts screen.

6. Loyalty points are for use with the Cloud Commerce Pro EPOS till system.

Click "Settings" to configure the details of the loyalty points. "Balance" allows you to change the overall balance of the loyalty points for the customer. "Statement" will take you to the Customer Accounts screen as detailed above.

4. Personal Details

On the right of the customer screen you can set more basic information. Like in the previous section, click "Edit" to make a change.

1. Set a username and password for your customer. This is especially useful for trade customers.

2. Contact information can be added here, such as the customers address, email address, various telephone numbers and fax numbers. You can also add an EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) for the customer if required.

You can add as many addresses as required here. Once you add more than five, they will show on a second page and a search box will also be added to allow you to find addresses more easily.

3. Here you can add details about the various contacts for the customer or company. For example, the customer might have different members of staff that you need to contact in different situations. Having all of their details on file makes reaching the right person quick and easy.

5. Recent Orders, Order From Stock & Seasons

The customer's most recent orders will display in this section along with some basic details about each one, such as order number, quantity, cost, status and sales channel.

You can click an order to view it in detail, edit it or even cancel the order completely.

Click the link below to see our guide for a more in depth look at the order details screen.

You can click the "Order From Stock" button to start a manual order for a customer. If you have seasons setup in Cloud Commerce Pro, you can access them using the dropdown titled "Select a Season".

For an in depth guide on ordering from stock, click the link below.

6. Notes

Whenever you make a change on the customer screen, Cloud Commerce Pro logs this as a note which can be viewed directly from the customer screen itself. This is extremely useful for keeping track of the activity of certain users.

You can also add notes manually in this section if required:

  1. Click "Add Note" and type out your notes as required in the pop up dialogue box.

  2. Your new note will show with the auto generated ones as shown below.

Hover your mouse over various parts of a note to view the message in full if required.

7. Attachments

At the bottom of the customer screen you will find the attachments screen. Here you can attach documents or pictures for the customer if required.

8. Discounts

You will also find a quick link to the discounts section on the customer screen, which would normally be accessed from the admin centre.

For a detailed guide on setting up trade discounts for customers, click the link below.

9. Detailed Guides

Click the links below for detailed guides on how to use each function of the customer screen.

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