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CCP - Customer Screen - Payment Terms & Credit Limits
CCP - Customer Screen - Payment Terms & Credit Limits

How to select specific payment terms and set credit limits for customers and companies you deal with in Cloud Commerce Pro

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Every customer and company you deal with is different and will have different needs. One of the things that can vary greatly from one customer to another are the payment terms you have agreed upon.

This guide will walk you through setting such payment terms for your customer, as well as setting a credit limit.

Please see our overview guide of the customer screen for a more general introduction to this area of Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the admin centre in Cloud Commerce Pro, click "My Customers".

2. Customer / Company List

Find the customer you require from the list either by using the search box or using the alphabetised filter along the top.

3. Customer Screen

On the left of the customer screen you will find a sub-section for payment terms. The currently set terms will display here as shown below.

Click "Edit" to make your changes.

4. Payment Terms Options

Here you can choose from one of the available payment terms. The current options include:

  • 7 Days Credit

  • 14 Days Credit

  • 28 Days Credit

  • 30 Days Credit

  • 60 Days Credit

  • 30% Deposit - Balance on Delivery

  • 50% Deposit - Balance in 30 Days

  • Cash on Delivery

  • Direct Debit

  • Full Payment Before Dispatch

  • Full Payment With 10% Early Payment Discount

All customers created automatically by an external sales channel like Amazon or eBay will be assigned “Full Payment Before Dispatch”. If orders are placed against these customers, they cannot go into the dispatch queue without a payment for the order or a credit note / discount applied.

For customers who are offered credit terms your orders will go immediately into the dispatch queue.

5. Credit Limit

You can also set a credit limit here using the box provided, as shown below.

Once you're happy with everything, simply click "Save" to be taken back to the Customer Screen.

6. Reviewing Changes

Once back on the Customer Screen you can see the changes you have made. If they are still displaying the same as before, hit F5 to refresh the page.

7. Detailed Guides

Click the links below for detailed guides on how to use each function of the customer screen.

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