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CCP - Removing A Listing From Amazon
CCP - Removing A Listing From Amazon

How to remove listings from Amazon in Cloud Commerce Pro

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It is possible to remove a listing directly from Amazon as Cloud Commerce Pro will automatically sync overnight to update the change. If you prefer you can remove a listing directly in Cloud Commerce Pro.

This guide will walk you through that process.

If you want to permanently remove a product from Cloud Commerce Pro, click the link below to find out how.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre menu, click the "Selling" button.

2. Sales Channel List

Here you will find a list of all your currently configured sales channels. Select the Amazon channel you want to remove a listing from to continue.

3. Sales Channel

Find the listing you want to remove using the search box provided or browsing for it in your categories. If you use the search function, skip ahead to step 5.

4. Product Category

If you browsed through your categories to find your listing, you will need to click the "Create/View Listings" button.

5. Product Listing

The green tick on the right indicates this is an active listing. Click the "Remove Listing" button to remove the listing from this channel.

Note, this will only remove the listing from this particular sales channel, and will not delete the product from Cloud Commerce Pro.

6. Confirmation

A dialogue box will display so you can confirm your choice. Once your listing is removed from Amazon, it will still be searchable on the channel in Cloud Commerce Pro, but with an unlisted status in case you ever need to list it again in the future.

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