This guide will walk you through the process of setting, editing or turning off pseudo stock levels on an Amazon sales channel in Cloud Commerce Pro.

1. Admin Centre

From the Admin Centre menu, click the "Selling" button.

2. Sales Channel List

Here all of your currently active sales channels are displayed. A single product can have pseudo stock set to different values across different sales channels.

Find and click the Amazon channel you wish to add pseudo stock to.

3. Amazon Sales Channel View

Find your product using the search box provided or browse for it in your categories.

4. View Listings

If you used the search bar to find your item you can skip to step 5. Otherwise, click the "Create/View Listings" button next to your product.

5. Active Listing

Now that you have found the product you want to add or edit pseudo stock for, click the "Edit Prices & Pseudo Stock" button.

6. Pseudo Stock Mode

First we need to set the pseudo stock mode which controls how your pseudo stock should behave. Click the drop-down under "Pseudo Stock Mode" for the variation you want to add or edit pseudo stock for.

Types of pseudo stock include:


By default your pseudo stock mode will be turned off. If not, you can select this option to stop using pseudo stock for this variation.

Static Regardless Of Real Stock Levels

Static pseudo stock remains at the value you set it to no matter what. Every time your real stock value changes, your pseudo stock level will reset to your chosen value.

Decrementing Regardless of Real Stock

Your pseudo stock will begin at whatever value you set. It will then count down with every sale made until it reaches zero, becoming unavailable until you update the figure.

Decrementing Maintained by Real Stock

Your pseudo stock will begin at whatever value you set. It will stay at that value until the real stock value drops below your value, and will then count down with real stock values.

Set To Current FBA Stock Level

Use this option to tie your stock value on this sales channel to your Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) inventory. Note that you will still have to set the channel up to use FBA as the only fulfilment method.

This mode requires no values to be entered.

7. Pseudo Stock Level

If you are using any pseudo stock mode other than FBA stock level, you will need to enter a relevant value to accompany it. Type your amount in the box under "Pseudo Lvl".

8. Save

When you are happy that you have the correct pseudo stock mode and levels for your item, be sure to click "Save" before moving on.

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