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CCP - WooCommerce Connection Issues
CCP - WooCommerce Connection Issues
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Due to WooCommerce being a predominantly self-managed webstore service, we have found over time that several users have had connection issues between our system and their WooCommerce servers.

We have found the following to be the most frequent causes and solutions for these issues:

Presence of caching or security plugins on your WooCommerce hosting/server

(eg. Cloudflare, WP Super Cache etc)

By far the most straightforward option is for you or your hosting provider to simply disable any caching or security plugins that may be blocking or altering our connection with WooCommerce. Once this is done, you can return to your WooCommerce settings in ChannelGrabber and re-try the connection again.

Specifically on the topic of Cloudflare, which seems to be the most common caching service for WooCommerce, they have provided a page with guidance on how to configure page rules within Cloudflare, to try and prevent them from blocking access from our API, so if you don't want to disable the service entirely, you can try this approach first: Cloudflare Support: Using Cloudflare with your API

Another known caching plugin is WP Super Cache. Please disable this plugin temporarily and then try connecting to our system again. If that allows you to connect successfully, then you will need to set up an exclusion rule on your plugin before enabling it again. Please see this article - WP Super Cache plugin โ€“ How to exclude Shop Pages - for further details. You would need to exclude "/wc-api/" in the "strings" section.

WooCommerce server times out when our system sends requests

This can affect new WooCommerce connections as well as established ones, and indicates a problem with your server setup. There are many reasons this could be, but the most likely reason is because the server is too busy, which can cause intermittent errors.

This could be because your site is busier, or if your WooCommerce site is on a shared server that is also hosting multiple other sites, some of the sites you're sharing with may have become busier.

As a very general suggestion, we've seen less issues from WooCommerce users on dedicated servers than we have on shared servers, so if you're not already on one then you could try a dedicated server, but it's important to note that this is no guarantee that it will fix the issue.

For further assistance with plugins or server issues, we recommend that you should contact your website manager or hosting provider.

If you still need help, contact us via intercom or email us at

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