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CG - Why are my Amazon listings missing images?
CG - Why are my Amazon listings missing images?

Having issues with images not importing with Amazon listings?

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When importing listings from your Amazon account to your Products page, you may notice that the product images are missing from the imported skus. ChannelGrabber does perform a secondary process after importing your skus from Amazon to attempt to grab this image data and pull it from your Amazon listings. These processes have been split out to improve performance of the system and help prevent delays importing base data. It may take some time for your images to appear because of this.

Unfortunately, due to the way that Amazon presents image data, retrieving images for listings from Amazon is done on a best-effort basis, and the images might not appear.

If you list your products under multiple sales channels, we advise you import listings from other channels (eg. eBay) before Amazon due to the fact that these other Channels do not experience such issues.

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